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    Failed to login- error code 196621

    Every time i try to login combat arms, it takes some time to login and then, when it logins, it appears one message: Failed to login: error code 196621 or something like that!!

    What can i do to repair this?? Please!!

    Look, i have Utorrent installed on my computer. Does that progame interfer with combat arms? I think Utorrent makes combat arms slow down!! I think that is why this error appears!!

    Thank you,

    Combat Arms soldier!!

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    Re: Failed to login- error code 196621

    Same here same code and look's like no1 can help here

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    Re: Failed to login- error code 196621

    I can't find the cause for that error. But utorrent (or any other P2P programs) can consume too much bandwidth and prevent Combat Arms from connecting to server. Also can cause some lag.

    Try to disable uTorrent (close the application) before you start Combat Arms. If you can connect, then it's uTorrent causing the problem.

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    Re: Failed to login- error code 196621

    Not working for me -.- Combat arms works perfectly untill today. Failed to login everytime

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    Re: Failed to login- error code 196621

    You can't handle your own servers...sad




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