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    Share your misery/fortune

    Because I'm a total ****ing dick and want to laugh at you.

    Quote Originally Posted by NaygetivRain View Post
    During my whole time of Vindictus, from 60-71, this is the stuff I've net:
    -Thor Twin Swords
    -Sentinel ES
    -Colru Shiny Stone
    -(Faded Teten Fragment)
    -Black Wings (and what ****ing purpose does it serve me, though)
    -(Leopard's ES)
    Broke my shiny, full shocking pink, swords. Stuck with my neon green Spears that I only got around to +10ing today.
    Oh and a pair of Sabers.
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    Re: Share your misery/fortune

    One Sentinel scroll. +haha

    edit: you ninja-edited your post while I typed those few words! In that case some assorted rank A-9 scrolls, Explosive once and Glas pants once.
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    Re: Share your misery/fortune

    Quote Originally Posted by Cynthep View Post
    One Sentinel scroll. +haha
    If you mean me,
    It still counts >:U

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    Re: Share your misery/fortune

    Haven't seen an explosive drop in a couple days.

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    Re: Share your misery/fortune

    well-Balanced scroll
    divine punishment
    Glass pants was 15-20mils at that time
    Colru Shiny stone
    Thor longsword
    Corrupted ingkells boots couple times
    Cant remember anymore, but I had some luck

    misery for me - now all money earned from this is gone, got hacked while wasn't playing
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    Re: Share your misery/fortune

    ^ Oh **** thanks for reminding me.

    I dropped Corrupted Ingkells Pants a few minutes ago.
    Shame they ain't worth jack feces anymore +cry

    And for some misery, used to run 24man Elc religiously and didn't get a tear. Still run him, nothing.

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    Re: Share your misery/fortune

    I never had any drops from thor ever. The other day I broke my +10 dwts. Next day thor dropped me pair of twinsword

    Oh and no tears been farming since elch release. I for one would welcome the new seal update.

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    Re: Share your misery/fortune

    4 Colru Shiny Stones (1 the very 1st day of the patch)
    1 Glass pants
    1 Thor twin swords
    1 Dreamwalker sowrds
    1 Dreamwalker staff
    2 Thor Pillars
    1 Valor
    1 Well-Balanced
    1 Leopard (When they were 6-8mil)
    2 Lionotus hearts
    2-3 ingkells parts
    1 White Shark Pants
    1 Beokros crystal

    And that's all the rare **** I can remember of.

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    Re: Share your misery/fortune

    1 Elchulus Teardrop ( funny enough my first ever run as Tsuihime with guildies)
    3 Cursed manuscript (in total)
    1 Maelstrom
    1 Force
    2 Beokros Ice Crystal
    1 Siglint Giblet
    1 Glas Panties
    1 Cresent moon Ring
    2 Thunder Ring
    1 Fast
    3 Lakiora Fang(s)

    /\ Thats about it =(, most of it i ended up giving away in events ._.
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    Re: Share your misery/fortune

    As for fortune: Colru Stone on the first run (worthless now), Glass Pants (worthless now), Divine Punishment ES (Brynn took it away, rolled and smoked), Well-Balanced which I had to give to Brynn because no one wanted it, Leopard when it was below 200k, Thor Longsword and I think 2 Twin Swords but that was when they were worthless (LS 50k, and TS below 1 mln as far as I remember) and few days ago, first rare in 4 months: Hellborn Cestus. Too bad I have no use of it. Come to think about it, most of it is misfortune disguised as fortune.

    As for misery: **** TokenAds blocked my account on the very first day so no free NX for me...

    Oh I remember one more rare drop: Succubus Emblem, oh yeah.


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