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    Interview with NX Belsazar & DevCat - Part 1

    Dear Vindictorians,

    first of all, I am sorry for the delay, but we were waiting for some answers to some of your questions from the developers directly, which then had to be translated first from Korean to English. We decided to include them in our little interview to get a little more detailed insight to some of the things that you wanted to know about.

    We haven't been able to deal with all questions, but here is at least the first part of questions that DevCat and I answered so far. We will probably do another Q&A round and gather some more questions in the future for another Interview (Part 2).

    1. Is there a new city being planned to be released along the future updates? (Turokman33)
    New cities are planned to be added with new Seasons and Episodes in the near future, but we can’t reveal any details at this stage. (DevCat)

    2. Will you be at Gamescom this year again and will any of your active GMs be there? (BlueRox)
    This year we won’t be on the Gamescom. We decided to focus on the improvement of our current games, services and content updates before we continue to present new games to you. But we will definitely have some surprises for you in the future ready. (NX Belsazar)

    3. What are your plans on expanding the player base here; for example, are you ever going to cooperate with Steam? (1jessy)
    We are currently investigating the possibility of implementing Vindictus to Steam, but there are no concrete plans yet. But we do consider it. (NX Belsazar)

    4. Are there any plans to improve the game's overall experience, i.e. better servers? (Akoola)
    As we have always been trying to improve the game quality, we will try more for better service. (DevCat)
    Unfortunately the game structure doesn’t give us much flexibility in this regards and at this point it’s too late to change much about it. But we are constantly looking for new possibilities to improve the overall game experience. (NX Belsazar)

    5. Why is there no system to turn gold to NX, like in Guild Wars 2? (Silentin3)
    We are currently working on the similar system, and you can look forward to the system in the near future. (DevCat)
    The first tests will start soon on a different server probably. (NX Belsazar)

    6. Why is NEXON often not providing detailed information regarding events? (Silentin3)
    We did change this in the past 2 month to improve the details shared with the community about events in general. We hope that you noticed the change lately. (NX Belsazar)

    7. Will we ever get Premiere version of Vindictus in Europe or at least some elements of it transferred to our Xtreme version? Many players would like to see this happen. (ulasyea)
    Currently there is no plan for that. However if we have a plan to do, we will give you a prior notice to reduce your inconvenience. (DevCat)

    8. How much can NEXON Europe do without approval from Korea? (juiceboxbox)
    If you mean by “Korea” the “Developers”, in that case we can do what most publishers can or can’t do. Basically it is a give and take and most of the decisions, especially those that will affect the in-game balance in any way, are mutual decisions between publisher and developer. (NX Belsazar)

    9. Why don't you hold any in-office events (fooling around, truth or dare-based events) for us to enjoy? (niki212)
    Maintaining Vindictus takes up a lot of time, but maybe we will find some time in the future to come up with something fun and exciting to present you something like that in the future. We’ll keep it in mind. (NX Belsazar)

    10. Realistically, how do developers respond to user suggestions that have been forwarded to them by the GMs? Does it feel that such requests are made in vain? (BladeSurge)
    Your suggestions and bug reports reported through GMs are keep being applied gradually, and applied contents might have time difference due to order of priority. (DevCat)

    11. When will the character revamap patch come to EU? (overlordika)
    It is planned on 26th June. (DevCat)
    Sorry for the late release of this interview, the above mentioned date would have been more exiting 2 weeks ago L (NX Belsazar)

    12. What was your previous job before joining NEXON Europe? Do you like the playerbase, and how do you deal with the daily pressure of so many tickets and server issues to solve at once? (KapiH)
    Before joining NEXON Europe I have studied at the University, worked my way through live and played too many games in my free time. Also I did work as home GM before for a while.
    Dealing with “pressure” was never an issue for me, as I have grown up in a family business and started working in the age of 12 (light work, not real child labor, no need to call the police ). So I grew up with the direct and constant contact to the customers and I never had trouble to deal with customer enquiries in the first place.

    I really like the community of Vindictus, especially because I can compare it easily to other game’s communities, who can be quite exhausting at times. But generally speaking, the Vindictus community is really “easy going” and most users are very polite, especially compared to FPS games, where the tone can be quite rough sometimes.

    Also I don’t feel too much pressure, because I know I am doing my best on a daily basis, work a lot of overtime to provide the best service possible and I also try to share as much information possible with the community at all times (which is not always possible of course, due to several reasons). But I do know from my own experience as gamer, that having little information about issues is very frustrating, that is why I do my best to share them as often and as much as possible. But sometimes we just have to hold back some information, because we need to solve the issue first, or find out what the issue is about ourselves or simply to avoid confusion among the community. (NX Belsazar)

    13. Do you plan on localizing the game to other languages, such as: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish and Turkish? (KapiH)
    It is technically possible, but currently there is no fix plan to localize other languages. Plus, we are under discussion of distributing the Language Tool for users to make it possible to translate languages by themselves, but there is no specific plans yet. (DevCat)

    14. Are there any plans regarding establishing a Test Servers open to a few players like in other Nexon Titles? (KapiH)
    There is no plan to open Test Servers to players at any countries except Korea. (DevCat)

    15. Will we see any new guild-related content in the future (i.e.: Guild-blacksmith, Guild-hall etc.)? (xxFECxx)
    Currently there are contents of Guild Level/Guild Skill in Vindictus. It is still being discussed to come up with more Guild contents. (DevCat)

    16. What happens to the Suggestions we are giving you guys about implementing or changing things? (KitetsuNin)
    For example the suggestion for a “path change coupon” was made by users and implemented some time later. So every now and then, we do our best to improve the game on your feedback.
    But implementing new things or changing in-game related things is very hard and takes a lot of time to plan. The Developer’s schedule is very tight, as their main priority is creating new content. But of course they do their best to take your feedback into account.
    (NX Belsazar)

    17. Why the Events we get are usually different from the other Vindictus Versions? (KitetsuNin)
    In Vindictus, the basic contents are the same, but the contents are being localized according to the countries, so Events might be little different from countries to countries. We will try our best to provide you much more interesting Events that meet European users‘ taste. (DevCat)

    18. Are you planning on improving the social aspect of the game, like adding friend groups or new guild features? (oldb0yy)
    We are planning to improve the social aspects of the game. We will try our best to provide a Europe Service. (DevCat)

    We hope you enjoyed the answers. I know you would like to know more in some cases, but Developers are very secretive sometimes.

    We will do our best, to continue this interview with part 2 as soon as possible.

    Best regards
    NX Belsazar




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