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    Re: Interview with NX Belsazar & DevCat - Part 1

    1) Will we ever see Warehouse system, where you could store items and share them across all your characters, so no longer you have to mail everything to alts, and cod yourself for money?

    2) Will you try to ressurect the game by lowering the amount of luck needed for geting kraken/laki and other S2 valuable parts, so players can finaly get their weapons and sets to enjoy the game? - I refer to time when Titan came out, we farmed all like crazy and it was possible to get yourself a weapon, now you can farm a whole year and get 0 drops, that kills your playerbase.

    3) Why is Nexon trying to sell NX in a way of pay to win, instead of selling pure cosmetics? - Players buy themself additional luck for drops, that is neccesary to get anything from raids/scroll farming. There are many ppl who would love to spend money on Vindictus, but not the Pay2Win way, just for cosmetics.

    4) Game is quite old, yet it has performance issues on very strong PCs, especialy the new S2 raids, will you take a look at that?

    Overall most important question I wanna see answer on is nr. 2), it would bring players back instead of making tons of old and new ones quiting.

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    Re: Interview with NX Belsazar & DevCat - Part 1

    Quote Originally Posted by Silentin3 View Post
    Why buying NX increases your luck?
    (no matter how hard i try i get no luck but the day after I buy NX I get luckky , not to mention players who buy often NX never seem to run out of luck.)
    Months without needing NX stuff for inners / tattoos / ava set --> diamond es, liono heart, lightning frag, hiero manus, teten fragment (even if some of them aren't considered "worth" they are still rares)
    (and that was just the last 3 weeks)

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    Re: Interview with NX Belsazar & DevCat - Part 1

    There is any posibilty to make Enchant scrolls to be placed on marketplace ? And what about the wep fusion ?

    IGN: RobiHooD LVL 80 Kai

    Keep CALM and DODGE !!!

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    Re: Interview with NX Belsazar & DevCat - Part 1

    Dear Mercenaries,

    we have opened the thread for the 2nd round of the interview. Please add your questions there.

    This thread shall be closed for now.

    Thank you
    Kind regards
    NX Belsazar

    >>Interview Part 2 - Questioning Round<<


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