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    Interview with DevCAT - Part II

    Dear Mercenaries,

    During the first interview, we have promised to answer even more of your questions. It took a while but it is here now - the second part of the interview with DevCAT. Taking this time we would like to thank all of you who have submitted their questions for this issue.

    Because not all of the questions have been answered this time around, there will likely be a third round of Q&A in near future.

    Additionally we will post the Q&A with NX Belsazar very soon.

    1. What are your plans for 2014?
    First of all, 2014 will be the year that we upgrade the quality and overall stability of the game. Aside from that, expect to see many new things and ideas developed after Season 2!

    2. What are your plans for Season 3?
    While we cannot reveal details in regards to Season 3 yet, we are going to provide you the best action service and also we will try our best to apply our goals to Season 3.

    3. Why have the PvP class types (Speed, Ranged and Defense) not been removed? They make it even more unbalanced.
    PvP balancing is critical. The problem regarding the PvP's imbalance is that it happened not due to PvP-specific class types (Speed, Ranged and Defense) but also because of character mechanics and interaction between them during the fight. We continue to try our best to solve those problem and balance PvP out.

    4. What is your plan for PvP in Vindictus as a whole? Aside from balancing and fighting areas, are there any concrete plans you can reveal?
    We have been trying to come up with a PvP system that matches Vindictus' combat system and we are getting there after many trials and errors. First we intend balance the current PvP out and then focus on developing new PvP system(s) afterwards.

    5. Why are all the PvP arenas so relatively tiny in Vindictus? Have you considered creating a bigger PvP zone, that would be available at all times, where players could go head to head, for example, in a 12 versus 12 teams?
    We have thought about large-scale PvP areas but this poses some technical difficulties. We are of course trying our best to solve them and, when we do, will make an appropriate announcement regarding this.

    6. Will Vindictus ever be released on Steam Operating System (SteamOS)?
    We are planning to release Vindictus on Steam platform (not SteamOS) and will make an announcement about it as soon as we will have more news about it. Due to the technical challenge to implement it from the publisher's side, it might take a while from now until we can finally realize this project.
    *edited by NXBelsazar*

    7. Is the 3rd transformation for Paladin and Dark Knight in the works or have you perhaps decided not to go for it yet and focus on adjusting the currently-available transformation skills?
    The 3rd transformation, as well as balancing out the currently-existing skills, are all in our plans but we prefer to prioritize the latter first and then focus on the third transformation itself.

    8. Are you considering moving the game's development to a brand new engine or at least updating the current Source Engine?
    We have already introduced quite a lot of changes compared to the original Source Engine for Vindictus, so it will be difficult for us to migrate from the current version to an entirely different engine or an upgraded Source Engine. However, whenever new options are added to the Source Engine, we always try our best to implement them within the game.

    9. Are you aware that guilds do not really serve a particular role in game other than chatting? What are you doing to improve the entire guild system's functionality?
    We cannot disclose our plans in detail at this stage but we are searching for ways to synchronize the guild system with other systems in the game.

    10. Currently, twenty of the possible 100 guild levels are unlocked. Are you planning to unlock more levels? If yes, when and which kinds of bonuses can we expect?
    There are no specific plans related to guild levels at the moment.

    11. Will a new level cap be introduced soon, i.e. level 90?
    When the new Season and it's contents are revealed, the level limit will be raised. The exact date and details are still being discussed.

    12. Will we ever see an option to dye our Avatar sets, just like we can dye regular equipment?
    Developers are also interested in the Avatar Dye System. We will make an announcement when there are more details about this.

    13. Is therea dagger-wielding character in plans?
    No information has been mentioned regarding a new character as of yet. Developers have shown interest in a character which wields daggers but the idea will be developed more when we collect enough ideas and details that match the Vindictus' combat style.

    14. Are there any plans for new Royal Raids?
    There are no specific plans to release more Royal Raids at this stage.

    15. There is a rumor floating around that the highest enhancement level is to be increased to +17. Can you confirm/deny this?
    There are no plans to expand the enhancement system higher than +15 at the moment.

    16. Do you plan to release Hero difficulty for level 60 Raids, specifically in Colhen and Rocheste?
    Yes, expect Hero difficulty level to be added soon!

    17. Why are titles such as Kill 1000x, Find 100x etc. missing in Season 2?
    Those titles have guided players in-game throughout Season 1 but we have resigned from them, as they did not stand well with what we wanted to achieve for Season 2, however they may be added at some point.

    18. Is there a revamp of the Seal Shop planned to give players more chance to reach the goal of obtaining new armor/weapons?
    We do know that players should not rely entirely on their luck to acquire items and we are going to revamp the overall Reward System and Seal System as well to make it easier for you to upgrade and obtain new equipment.

    19. Any plans on introducing a proper trading system or an account storage?
    The Account Storage has already been developed and will be introduced very soon. Improving the trading system is still under discussion.

    20. How many CATs are working in the DevCAT Studio?
    There are about 60 kittens working their paws and fluffy tails out in the Vindictus development team ^.^

    21. Are there any plans to introduce the toy-type weapons for Hurk, Vella, Kai and Lynn any time soon?
    There are no plans to introduce toy weapons for those characters at the moment.

    22. Will there be more pets added to the game, for example a dragon or lion/big cat? Also, can we expect to see a greater variety in their animations, i.e. sleeping while idle?
    We really want to develop flying pets but we are focusing on pet stability and various, useful functions they can perform (pet skills).

    23. Will there be more battles that truly require cooperation in order to succeed, such as Kraken?
    The Kraken raid was a result of a challenge to develop a new approach to raid battles, which Vindictus has not seen before. You could have enjoyed the tactical team play in this raid but the issue was that players had to train their tactic in advance, before they could fully enjoy the battle. We do not want to limit ourselves nor you only to heavily cooperation-based raids and try out different solutions but you can expect a raid similar to Kraken, based on teamwork, in the future.

    24. Will there be more character revamps in near future (i.e. Fiona's SP Skills, more Spear Lann skills, etc.)?
    Changes to Fiona and Lann will be introduced soon and a character revamp will follow afterwards. Character changes are a very sensitive part of the gameplay and we do not intend to rush them. All such changes are thoroughly tested before launch.

    25. In Season 1, there were many beautiful and fun, interactive traps with which you could kill your teammates or monsters. Any plans to introduce more of them again in the future?
    As you know, the Season 2 battle style is different from Season 1 and so the approach to environmental traps differed a little, too. You can expect more various traps with the release of new map(s) to come after Season 2!

    26. When will you continue the story from Season 1? Or perhaps it will be revisited and renewed?
    The season 1 story will be re-done soon but please understand that we rather not reveal the storyline to avoid spoiling the fun for you.

    27. Are there any plans to improve the Expertise system any time soon? For example, I feel like the Tailoring expertise is not very rewarding.
    We know that it has a low efficiency compared to the technology. We are still looking for the way to increase efficiency and to come up with much more interesting ideas.

    28. Are there any plans to introduce more social features to the game? By that I mean activities such as sitting in a bar while sharing food and drinks, perhaps receiving buffs in return, alike sitting at the campfire allows you to?
    There are no specific plans for such content at the moment.

    29. Have you considered adding each character third weapon?
    It seems that would cause less work for you, as you wouldn't have to design new bodies, voices, armour pieces, etc. As an example, Fiona could have a long weapon (like Spartans 23 meter long spear or polearm, with small shield only?), another dual weapon for Lann, let's say dual axes like Vikings... they were berserkers, too, after all! And so on...
    It's true that making new weapons costs less than making new characters, but the important thing is how that new weapon could give interesting elements to players. If a newly developed weapon does not give a new play style, we cannot call it "Successful". So, making a new weapon with interesting points always costs a lot, so it's hard to develop.

    30. Have you considered updating the Labyrinth with new challenges, possibly bigger player limit, new mirror/clones (doppelgangers)?
    The Labyrinth was developed as a high high-end dungeont to provide difficult challenges and obstacles but currently it no longer does it's job. You can expect the Labyrinth to be re-done at some point to better fit the game's current situation difficulty and challenge-wise.

    31. Once in the past I have heard about a feature added in Korea that allows disconencted players to hop back in to the battle after reconnecting. Regardless if this information was true or not, can we expect to see this system implemented? It would be very useful, especially in Season 2 content, where runs tend to be longer.
    The battle re-entry system was developed in Korea but there are some technical issues to be solved before it can be introduced in Europe. Once they have been dealt with, expect to see this system available in EU as well.

    32. Any plans on expanding the service area for Vindictus to Saudi Arabia, North Africa and Russia?
    There are no such plans at the moment.

    33. What is the plan with the artifact accessories? Will there be higher levels available, i.e. level 2 and 3 or can we expect to see the artifact roster expanded?
    There are no plans on expanding the artifact system at this moment.

    34. Will there ever be a Fomori specie available as a playable character? For example a Gnoll, Lizard or a Ratman?
    It's an interesting idea ineed, however we have no such plans at the moment.
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