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    Combat Arms: Line of Sight FAQ (EN)

    When can we expect to see in Combat Arms: Line of Sight?
    Will there be a beta test?

    Combat Arms: Line of Sight will be launched this year (2015), beginning with a closed beta test and then an open beta test. More details will be revealed soon.

    What is new in Combat Arms: Line of Sight?

    Driven by the powerful and versatile Unreal Engine 3, the new title will feature sharp visuals, almost unlimited and visible weapon customization and unique superhuman powers. The new title also offers a variety of maps and modes in new PvP matchups, such as the intriguingly named Crystal Boost mode, giving players the opportunity to acquire and use their superhuman powers.

    What is the connection to the original Combat Arms?

    In Combat Arms: Line of Sight, the discovery of a dormant gene UEGN-0076 enables humans to develop telekinetic powers. A super-secret subdivision of NEMEXIS, the weapons company that has been conducting the biological research featured in Combat Arms, has managed to weaponise this special gene. As a player of Combat Arms: Line of Sight, you have inherited the enhanced use of these telekinetic abilities in the form of superhuman powers and psychic weapons.

    Besides the story of the evil corporation versus hero fighters, the developer included familiar objects to the new game to stay true to the Combat Arms core gameplay style.

    In more detail, what kind of familiar objects can users expect?

    Combat Arms: Line of Sight incorporates the successful features of fast-paced play and some popular content like characters, NPCs, kill marks, and the soundtrack. Details of content will be revealed soon and players can expect to experience well-balanced, challenging play with this new title.

    In what language will Nexon Europe launch the new game?

    Initially, we wanted to launch Combat Arms: Line of Sight in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish. We will review the feedback from our players after the launch and decide which languages the game will be serviced in.

    Is Combat Arms: Line of Sight also free-to-play?

    Yes, like all of Nexon’s titles, Combat Arms: Line of Sight will be free-to-play as long as you like.

    What is going to happen with the Combat Arms service?

    We are fully committed to supporting and developing the Combat Arms game service, just as we are doing now. Updates and patches will continue as usual. Actually, there is a major update already planned for later this year. For more details, check the Combat Arms website and newsletter regularly.

    Will Nexon Europe integrate Combat Arms accounts to this new title, so Combat Arms users can play the new game with the same character?

    No. Combat Arms: Line of Sight is a new game and there will be no integration from Combat Arms game accounts. To play the new game, users can log in with their Nexon Europe username and create a new character for Combat Arms: Line of Sight. There will be no change to your Combat Arms game account.




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