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    how kome walmart doesnt sell karma koin?

    I was at the walmart picking up a karma koin but they didnt sell it there so i went and got some chicken broth to add to my
    specialty chicken skin battered gravy recipee. I was in the aisle
    getting the food and as I walked away my dress got cought on a piece of
    metal on the shelf and I walked so fast then my dress was completely
    torn off.

    As I moved away more I drop and broke a bottle of olive oil and it broke
    leaked everywhere on the floor and I ended up while half naked slipping
    on it and I pummled in to the fruit section where I tried to hold on to
    the fruit stand but instead it toppled over and one of the cucumbers
    landed in the olive oil and I fell on top if it and it ended up going in
    my butt almost entirely. I pulled it out and poop came out with it. So
    Im on the floor half naked with oilive oil and random poop on my body
    and everyone at the wamart laughed and called me names and pointed. 1
    guy started hocking and spitting on me. The manager was among them too. I
    have never been so imbarassed. 1 lady even took pictures.

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    Re: how kome walmart doesnt sell karma koin?

    wat? font too small!

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    Re: how kome walmart doesnt sell karma koin?

    ok, I read that entire thing and then whispered to myself. what the ****?
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