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    Warrock Account Migration Issue - Help needed


    a while ago at the beginning of june I migrated my warrock account
    from gamersfirst to nexon, but apparently i did not link it correctly to
    my nexon id. after that i simpy forgot my warrock password.

    I already looked for information on how i could link afterwards the
    warrock account to the nexon id, but found no info whatsoever
    in the migration guide. what's worst i already made a new warrock
    account to the exisiting nexon id.

    i already did the test ingame to take the nickname of my warrock
    account ingame to see if it is lost, but its taken, so i might still have
    a chance to get my account back

    could you please tell me the steps I need to take to get my account
    back and link it correctly to a nexon id?

    A help of a Game Master is dearly needed, please do not tell my to
    contact customer support, neither did they give me concrete help
    to my problem, nor did they even understand the issue,
    all i get is random automated answers.

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Re: Warrock Account Migration Issue - Help needed

    sumbit a ticket..

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    Re: Warrock Account Migration Issue - Help needed

    I posted one ticket, then they answered but it always
    went in circles and they did not give an answer
    with which i could be able to get my account back,

    which is why I made a thread here, in order to
    see if a GM would be so nice as to help me
    in getting my account back

    EDIT: Now I got an answer to my ticket, but instead
    of sending me a temporary password for my warrock account
    they reset the password of my nexon id i wrote the ticket with.

    Nexon, i ask you this: Why would i need a new password for
    my Nexon ID if I am writing the ticket logged in with this very account?

    I still hope that a GM can check this issue and give me a feedback
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