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    Equips and set bonuses from Veracent.

    The veracent Equips.
    I'm wondering if there is any difference between the set Bonus from Brave High Knight Set and the
    Legendary High knight set?

    If anyone have a picture it would be nice

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    Re: Equips and set bonuses from Veracent.

    Brave High Knight Set full bonus:
    300+ HP & MP
    25+ All stats
    100+ Accuracy & Avoidability
    15+ Att & Magic Att

    Legendary High Knight Set full bonus:
    +500 HP & MP
    +35 All stats
    +250 Accuracy & Avoidability
    +45 Att & Magic Att

    It takes a whole lot more time and effort to get the Legendary set, but it's the end result that matters most. Not that I need it myself but if it was tradeable I'd get it for my non-mains.
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