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Thread: Dc hacker

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    Angry Dc hacker

    So, I was looking for spot in fm on my laptop and I found a door spot from ch1 fm6. Suddenly dude named "FireDragon11" came to my shop and typed "@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@". Then my maple froze and I disconnected. I went there with my main computer character (before my laptop disconnected) and entered my frozen store. It caused my main computer disconnect too. http://www.tinyuploads.com/images/YlzT0j.png
    Guy named "JustTradeMe" had taken my spot. Of course I blamed him for using dc hack with other computer but he convinced me that he ain't the hacker. (He also gave my spot back)
    One incident happened after that.
    I tracked FireDragon11 and I saw that he went to fm5. I went there and saw how he had picked his next victim. And I also noticed that JustTradeMe had taken the spot where the victim were before he disconnected.
    That dude seriously were at the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope that he's not the hacker because he seemed really upstanding player. He and his friends blamed me too but I can assure that i'm not a hacker >.<
    Hope the real hacker gets banned for good...

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    Re: Dc hacker

    well the real hacker in this case is JustTradeMe, im 100% sure this is the new made character of "xTradeMe" (known dc hacker and he does exactly what u say in this thread).
    He merches stuff (don't ask me how he got it) and to get an good fm spot he dc's people.

    Usually with an mule account (or friend? i dunno), and that "@@@@@@" he uses, is an auto type programm on his computer (let's u insert text way faster then it should be, causing most computers to lagg to dead and mostly discconnect, or sometimes with good computers regain consciousness).
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