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    <Narita>, a relaxed guild for experienced players [open]

    What is this? Narita is a small, well-established guild, founded by two veteran players at 2013-01-19. Our main goal is to create a pleasant, efficient and organized guild - a guild with nice and understanding people, that know how to play and have appropriate equipment, a guild that has scheduled raids and a guild where everyone plays together.

    Why should I care?
    Tired of public parties and random players in general? Having trouble joining restricted raids? Don't have a reliable Niflheim raid group? Sick of all those strong personalities in your current guild? Maybe aren't that "active, fun and helpful person :D", that every guild is asking for? If yes, Narita is here for you. We are a safe haven, for people who simply want to enjoy the game, challenge and improve themselves without obligations, drama and annoyances.

    What's the status? Currently we have around 6 active members and we're looking to recruit 2 more. We're starting S3 and S2 raids every day at 21:00 CET and usually going for 1 hour 30. There's not much activity besides guild raids, sometimes Niflheim, sometimes S3 map farming.

    How do I join? We value skill and personality the most, so we don't have a list of specific requirements. Your level, AP, or ATT isn't that important; you are welcome, as long as you can play well. That said, we focus on the endgame content and would like to see some proof of dedication and understanding of the game, so you won't be accepted, if you aren't above level 80 or don't have at least an enchanted +8 level 80 weapon. Contact us, we'll chat (decent English is required) and do few battles together (duo or small party S2/S3 raids and Niflheim), to see if you're a good match for Narita and Narita is for you.

    Who can I contact?
    Guild is led by Mininela, whisper or send a mail to him in-game (usually online from 18:00 to 23:00 CET), if you have any questions or wish to apply. Guild channel is 161, feel free to drop by and say hello.
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    Characters: Mininela (scythe) / Youd (cestus); Guild: Narita; Channel: 161; Timezone: UTC+3




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